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Shipping & Delivery Information

Shipping Cost.
Calculating Shipping Cost.
Free Shipping.
International Shipping Cost.
Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska Addresses.
Delivery Time.
Payment Methods.
Return Policy.


We ship to any address in the U.S, and internationally. international destination must be free of any federally imposed restriction and must not be a or in a dangerous zone. We do not ship to a P.O. Box addresses. Shipping to AFO and other US bases may require additional paperwork and documentation.

Calculating Cost:

Shipping costs for orders from rybill.com to continental US states depend upon the method and option that our customers selected during the checkout process, as available. Our shipments are mostly sent by USPS UPS and FEDEX. Presently we have shipping cost based on-Flat rate, Per item and cost calculation that is based on the merchandise(s) adjusted weight based for most items in our store. Customers will also have option of choosing between Standard, Expedited, and 2nd Day shipping method where available. Customers will be prompted to select their choice during the checkout process.

Kindly note, we ( the rybill.com) solely reserve the right to amend our policy(ies) including the shipping policy, shipping cost, and shipping destinations as may beneficially required to serve our customers well. 

Free Shipping

We offer Free Shipping  on purchases over $100.00 and on items that shows "THIS ITEM QUALIFY FOR FREE SHIPPING" image. Free shipping excludes taxes, any coupon, and any rebate that may be due on any proposed sales. The free shipping is only on sales destined for the 48 continental states. Free shipping is NOT VALID on sales to Alaska, Hawaii, U.S consular locations, Puerto Rico neither it is valid on International shipping addresses. We reserve the sole right not to fill any order destined to any of these non-valid locations even if the prospective customer has been able to complete such transaction online. Any money thus transmitted will be refunded in case such transaction could not be rescued. If any item display the, "THIS ITEM QUALIFY FOR FREE SHIPPING', customers should therefore select Free Shipping option when checking out their cart.

We reserve the sole right to make necessary amendment to our Free Shipping policy including it discontinuation among other without prior notice.

International Shipping Cost:

We encourage our prospective international customers to contact  us for a calculated international shipping cost/estimate. Customs documentation, permit, and clearances may be required by certain merchandise for any shipment overseas. The securing of such documentation, clearances and permits are the sole responsibility of the customer. They (the customer) may as well provides us an instruction on how they will like us to handle such merchandise for them as regards delivery. Prospective customers from international location that have federally impose sanction and dangerous zones will not be entertained and any order therefrom, even if completed online will not be fill with all due respect.

Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska Addresses:

We ship to any address in Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S Virgin Island. The shipping cost estimate is as shown below. Please if your shipping/delivery address is Alaska/Hawaii/Puerto Rico, kindly select shipping method ONLY from those marked AK/HI; otherwise we may request that you modify your order accordingly to reflect an appropriate shipping method.

Amt/Wt of Order


(receive within 8WD)
















Delivery Time:

When you place an order, we will make sure your item leave our location(s) immediately and within reasonable time period. Actually, we ship completed order within 24 hour. Shipping and delivery date estimate may appear in the order form and also in the confirmation e-mail.

We usually ship our items using either UPS, USPS , FEDEX. We provide shipping detail including tracking number so that you'll be able to track your merchandise online on the shipping company's website. Kindly note that any order that we receive on workfree days and weekends - Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays - are processed and ship on the following workday, Monday or on the next publicly declared workday. Any order received at 5:00 PM Eastern Time and after are filled the next Monday or publicly declared work day. 

Payment Method:

We accept all modes of payment. All credit cards, debit cards etc. are accepted. Note that payment process will be/are concluded on our third parties secured payment service, PayPal. Therefore, PayPal must be able to verify and confirm the shipping address. We do not keep or have any access to our valuable customer's information, be it financial. Therefore, you are encourage to shop on our secured site with confidence. We encourage you to read our Privacy Policy.

For Direct Bank Transfer. rybill.com dba Godammy Enterprises.

Make Payable to: Godammy Enterprises.

Bank: First National Bank, PA.

Account Number: xxxxx5091 

Routing Number: 043318092

Please read this.

Kindly note that merchandise or ordered item will not be shipped out until we confirm that the appropriate amount is received in our account. We have an efficient confirmation system that ensure that customer's order is shipped as soon as possible. Kindly email rysales@rybill.com should you have any question, or call:

Please note that the customer bears any bank charges that may occur as a result of this transaction. In the case of return or dispute that may result into settlement, note that such settlement will occur in like manner- bank transfer or cheque issuance as may be convenient for the customer. Bank charges at customer's bank that may occur as a result of this transaction becomes, without any recourse, the customer's responsibility.

Thanks for buying from us.

The above is only for the transaction with the above mentioned organization and on our website; and does not in any manner extend to or involve any third-party website or company to which you may have linked through our website. We strongly believe such third-party websites or companies will have their own trusted payment system and processes for which customers are encouraged to be familiar with. We bear no responsibility for any third-party transaction that is or may have been completed on their websites.


1) We accept return(s) of any items sold to our customers and therefore encourage our customers to read carefully this return policy and fell free to order from us.

2) All intended return merchandise will require a unique RMA number. Customer should click, Get RMA Number to obtain an RMA number which will be used for the return process.

3) Any item(s) to be return and all it's accessories must be intact and remained unopened, undetached, not broken, not damaged, and the manufacturer box remained unopened. It must remain intact in it's original manufacturer package if applicable. Should it have been open, it (such opened items) may not qualify for return processing or we may charge restocking fee of between 20-25% of purchase price. Any damaged, broken, detached, faded, and any item that had been tampered with in an unreasonable manner are not qualify for return process.

4) Intended item(s) for return must be return within five (5) working days - excluding weekend and public holidays - from the day of purchase or from the day of confirmed delivery as may be shown by the shipping delivery confirmation. Item(s) that the customer has held for too much period will not/may not qualify for return.

5) In the case of any merchandise return process, the customer will be responsible for the full return shipping cost (RSC) on any returned merchandise(s) to our designated return address, unless the return is as a result of a confirmed abnormality not the fault of the customer or as a result of an error or mistake on our part. For an example, if we had sent to a customer a materially wrong merchandise by a mistake that is completely due to us. Therefore, our prospective customers are encouraged to make sure that exact merchandise required is or are ordered from our store.

6) We do not accept delivery of return merchandise sent by 'postage paid on delivery' (PPD) unless specifically arranged. In case such shipping arrangement is before hand arranged in any legitimate return (i.e. those return that had met fully all the other requirements for return), the shipping cost which we may have incurred in addition to any other handling charges plus restocking fee, if applicable, will be deducted from any amount that may be due payable to the customer.

7) We do not intend to be held responsible in any manner for the return of any merchandise of a third party including item(s) purportedly bought on another site, store or from another seller but in or of which the buyer had linked through us - rybill.com. Customer may have been directed or linked to the manufacturer or to the third party seller of such items or service; in which case rybill.com is in all manner and respect, released expressly and impliedly of any aftermath responsibility, infringement that may result from such relationship.

8) Any money that is payable on returned item(s) will be paid in the original customer's method of payment; or else, customer can and are free to opt for our store's other method of reimbursement. Customers are also encouraged to opt for an exchange of similar item in our store where  available and practicable. This option may require the customer's account adjustment to reflect the new transaction.

9) This policies is intended to protect the interest of our customers and to ensure that we serve you well.

10) We reserve the sole and ultimate right to add, delete, modify, and change any part of these policy information without any recourse.

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