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Privacy Policy

We hold the privacy and confidentiality of our customers very dear at heart.

To start with, we do not have access to, neither do we keep our customer's financial information. We have a well secured store and payment by our prospective customer are made through and concluded on the site of a well secured third party payment company- PayPal.

We do not and do not intend at any time to transact for any consideration or exchange any of our customer's information or any portion of such information with any party outside of our organization. Notwithstanding, such information or portion of such information may be appropriately demanded by appropriate legal operation of either state or federal law. We will protect our customer's information to the best of our ability possible.

It is important to note again that we do not collect or store any aspect of our customer's financial information on any aspect of our system. Our customer's financial transaction is completed on a well secured third party website.

We presently uses PayPal  secured payment system to actively conclude payment transaction. So our prospective customers are rest assured of most secured transaction.

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